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Hiatus In Review?

Welp! I think I'm getting up to Gravity Falls levels of hiatus, so I should prolly write something now. Excuse how long and rambly this will get :D

I guess I should start off with just all the nonsense that's been going. I have, so to speak, undergone a series of unfortunate event. As you may know, right before I left over spring break my hard drive decided to explode. Got that fixed and got stuff done over the break. I got home only to have the cable and internet go out at the same time (due to different problems) and people come to fix the cable pretty quickly. The internet was out for a fucking week. A WEEK! Like, what? A supervisor who came to see if they needed to bring one of the big trucks (for a second time) ended up coming in after I said that the first guy didn't. I think I got that other guy fired because apparently the whole problem was like a faulty connector that should have gotten change regardless because they've been changing out the wiring at all the customers' houses so this wouldn't happen.

After that load of crap, I started having really bad stomach pains over the course of a month that went something like this - 1. Pulled muscle that caused stomach pain 2. Thought it had something to do with my belly button so I messed with that 3. Got a stomach flu which, combined with pain, made it so I couldn't keep anything down 4. Got a CT scan 5. After getting through the flu my belly button freaked out from either an abscess that also caused my stomach pain or an infection from messing with it in the first place 6. After a few days of being normal, I got a bad cold that made my brain implode. 7. Now I need to lose weight cause I'm pretty sure a pseudo-tumor is making me go blind :D

Off of all that nonsense, I have of list of things I wanted to mention and such so here's that.

- I'm finally going to the Symphony of the Goddesses concert :DDDDD
- I've also started writing again, like actual story writing and it's actually going okay.
- MC Gamer is over on Twitch completing all the Zelda games for Every Zelda in April - check it out here!
- I watched a video off all the MKX fatalities and I really wish I had a reaction video of it but it mostly consisted of "oh god, why? why would you do that? why do all of you need to rip of limbs and heads? that's unrealistic. my body hurts. PLEASE STAHP."
- A sequel to the super baller game Project X Zone is being made and I am super excited about it.

Other things that have been going on this week that I wanted to mention.

- I charged my tablet finally which means that I have inevitably been sucked back into reddit, specifically the Gravity Falls subreddit
- GF is literally taking over my life
- It's too good!
- And everyone's fan art is amazing to the point of unfairness
- There was something else I was gonna say, but I forgot

Well, that's all I got - but because I love you guys I want to leave you with this baller tumblr GF comic with my new favorite song that I listened to prolly 80 times on repeat last night and it will never leave my head which I think I'm okay with.

So read it with the music playing!

~ ZEPHYR ^_^ :D ♥