Saturday, August 30, 2014

Things I Love - Pokemon (but just Gallade, really)

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I love Pokemon. Now, I can't say that it was the unifying point of my childhood or that I collected all 151 of the original Pokemon. I actually wasn't allowed to watch Pokemon when I was younger because my half sister's half brother (I have a complicated family) was crazily obsessed with it and they didn't want me to become the same way. Apparently that plan failed, haha.

I actually started watching the Pokemon anime when I was in 5th grade (I think), close to the end of Advanced Generation. I can clearly recall the Battle Frontier, and though I have seen the original Kanto/Jhoto episodes, the Battle Frontier/Advanced Generation seasons remain my favorite. Saying that, though I love Misty, May is definitely my favorite girl counterpart.

Even though I watched Pokemon then, I pretty much kept it a secret since I was just way more secretive when I was going into middle school. One thing I can say, though, is that Pokemon did help my depression stay at a not life threatening level. I don't why, but it did. When my little sister started watching with me though I was a bit more open about it.

Not too much, though. I can still remember being in a Gamestop when Diamond/Pearl was about to come out and being asked if I wanted to preorder it. I quickly replied no, that I didn't play Pokemon. But I really freaking wanted to. I didn't get my hands on a Pokemon game until 11th grade, a couple months before Black/White came out. I was going up to Memphis for my yearly when my boyfriend of then only a couple months found out I had never played. He encouraged me to get one and play it when I was gone and that was when I got Soul Silver. Then, the obsession started. I'm very lucky that I went to a school that when Black/White came out, almost all the Juniors and Seniors were playing it! We even had a guy who had "Professor Oak" written on his senior jersey! And he really was. He's one of those super serious players who could name Pokemon in stat order and would spend weeks just trying to bred a Zorua for the right nature (which meant me and my boyfriend got some "rejects" that we were very excited about.)

But there is one thing I love more in Pokemon than Pokemon itself. Gallade.

Holy crap, I can't even believe a month or so ago he was tied with another. I love Gallade so much. I think this actually stems from the fact that when I first started watching Pokemon I stumbled across a picture of  a Gardevoir and was like "Holy crap on burnt toast on fire! This is the most beautiful creature EVER!" So Gardevoir was my favorite then. Then came Buizel. I want to snuggle with one so bad. Oh, and Snorlax. Snorlax is amazing. But my boyfriend traded me a Ralts from his Heart Gold and I evolved it into a Gallade and Love at first sight, haha. Another thing that I explained to my boyfriend when it came to my choice in Pokemon, since stats have absolutely nothing to do with it, was that if Pokemon were real I would one that was something that I protected when it was little, but when it grew up it would protect me. And since my brain lives a Pokemon world, I think Gallade could do that.

How could you not love Gallade?

Love y'all and catch em all!

~ Zephyr ♥

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