Thursday, September 4, 2014

Review - Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

Released - 8|29|14 (NA)
Final Completion Time - 27 hours, 1 minute
Final In-Game Score - 4930 Picarats, 197 Hint Coins, 70/70 puzzles

Professor Layton and Phoenix Wright are mysteriously sucked into a world in a book, named Labyrinthia, after helping out the mysterious girl Espella. In a world made up of magic, witches, and a Storyteller who writes the fate of this world, there is more than one mystery for these two to solve before Espella is executed for being a witch.

Let me get one thing out there first - while I love both of these series, I have only played a single game from each. Curious Village, the first game for Layton, and Dual Destinies, the latest game for Wright. I don't think that really effects my enjoyment of the game, though.

The puzzle solving of Layton and the courtroom battles of Wright take turns being played in the story with the opposing characters usually joining in. So don't be surprised when Phoenix is trying to solve puzzles and Layton is voicing objections. While the puzzles seemed to be a bit easier then usual, meaning I can solve a lot of them on my first try, I found the courtroom to be just as difficult (because I suck at matching evidence!) An addition to courtroom has been, however, with several wittnesses coming up at once to testify. This can get a bit annoying as you have to go through testimonies quite a bit to find the instances that lead to questioning others, but it's also an interesting take as you can use conflicting testimonies against each other when the evidence you need is nonexistant.

I liked the story quite a bit and got thrown for a loop at the finale's climax. While it's generally easy to figure out who the culprit is, I'm always surprised by how it gets to that conclusion, as I tend to run gut feelings and face judgements (but I mean really, don't we all?)

The backgrounds and music are absolutely beautiful, as are the wonderful voice acted animations. The dialouge is excellantly written and the 3D animations look great, though the did seem to lag slightly from time to time.

Final Thoughts
While not as difficult as either core games, this crossover is great for fans of the series. The art and music are gorgeous and the story is quite enjoyable. Just make sure you're a fan of reading (they're visual novels after all.)

Score - 7/10

~ Zephyr ♥

Did you know that after finishing the game there are special episodes to play, that are currently being released? There are twelve in all, with the first two already released. I'll be doing a review once they are all released.

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