Thursday, October 23, 2014

Review - Hyrule Warriors

Released - 9|26|14
Platform - WiiU
Final Completion Time - Don't even know

Play as various Legend of Zelda characters and destroy all your enemies with combos of rage!

Now, I've never played a Dynasty Warriors game, but if it's like this I really want to. You advance through the story playing as different characters from the LoZ series, even Ganondorf at certain points, and capture keeps whilst killing everything. You pretty much run around and combo everything and it's amazing. The story isn't anything special - defend Hyrule, defeat Ganon, save the day, and get rid of a scantily clad dark time sorceress (who you can now play as thanks to free DLC!)

I would say the real fun and challenge of the game comes from Adventure Mode, where you complete and try to A Rank challenges while finding secrets on squares of the original Zelda game. It seems really easy at first, but some of the challenges are a major pain to A Rank. You can find a lot of heart pieces and weapons through these challenges, plus its the only way to unlock for of the characters (Ruto, Agitha, Ghirahim, and Zant.)

Final Thoughts
The visuals are beautiful, the enemy models are kinda bad, and the music, as per usual, is amazing. I wouldn't say you're missing anything if you skip it, but as the fan fiction spin off LoZ fans have pretty always wanted I would still recommend it.

Score - 7.5/10

~ Zephyr♥

My current main is Sheik, she's really freaking fast and I really like her attacks. And does anyone else want Link's glorious scarf? I've been scouting Etsy for one and I might have found a pretty good one :D

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