Thursday, January 8, 2015

Review - Persona 4 Arena Ultimax

Released - 9|30|14

Platform - Arcade, PS3, Xbox 360

Just a day after the events of Persona 4 Arena, a strange red fog rolls into town and General Teddie reappears. With all the townspeople suddenly gone, the Investigation Team and Shadow Operatives need to find the villain that created the P-1 Grand Prix in the first place.

The fighting has undergone a bit of an update, changing some of the characters combos and decreasing damage among other changes. A number of characters have also been added as playable fighters, including the three DLC characters of Adachi, Marie, and Margaret.

I love the way story mode is played in this, compared to its previous installment. The story is divided in three sections. The Persona 4 story starts first and is played in a chapter timeline fashion in which you switch characters throughout the story instead of playing straight through a single perspective. This gets rid of a lot of the repetitive nature of the first game's story. Once you finish the Persona 4 story you move on to the Persona 3 story which follows in suit. Its much easier to 100% this game as the only choice you have to make is at the last chapter of each story, making it so you only have to play each chapter twice, as compared to the choices and joke endings featured before. Once fully completing both stories you unlock the true ending to finish the game. If you have the Adachi DLC character you unlock an additional story, playing through Adachi's point of view.

The true ending and the way the story flows in general fixes one of my bigger complaints from the first game - the story is canon. By canon, I mean that which character defeats who and ultimately wins (in the first one) is not changed as it's played as one big story as opposed to single character stories. The only exception comes with Adachi's story, but that's far better then before.

Final Thoughts
This is still a super fun fighting game. It has all the music and atmosphere of a Persona game, a good story, and a ton of characters to fight as. Even if you haven't played the first game you should still play this one, plus you can buy the first game's story as DLC in game.

Score - 9/10

~ Zephyr ♥

I still yell the character nicknames in an announcer voice while I play. Plus Adachi's name is 'The Egocentric Police Dick' which is a pun and hilarious. But I still love Naoto ♥ But I love Rise too ♥ But mostly Naoto ♥♥♥

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