Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Top Ten - Challenger Approaches Reveals

One of my favorite things about all the Smash reveals, directs, and just hype in general were the 'A Challenger Approaches' character reveals leading up to the Wii U release. I think this started with the reveal of Snake in Brawl (though I didn't keep up with the gaming scene back then), but they just really went with it for this Smash. And I absolutely love it.

10. Comet Observatory - Rosalina and Luma

I love seeing the karters just going at it on Rainbow Road only to be interrupted by Kirby flying by. I think DK's reaction to Kirby is funny and let's be real, Luma and Kirby playing together is adorable.

9. Wii Fit Trainer

I know when this trailer first showed during E3 2013 everyone was pretty skeptical. I was instead just laughing at the fact that Link could barely hold a tree pose better than me (I'm terrible at yoga.)

8. Challenger from the Shadows - Charizard, Greninja, and no Mewtwo

Watching the Smash Direct come to a close, I knew it couldn't end without a reveal and I really enjoyed the one that we got. Most of enjoyment, however, came from the following video. You may want to turn down your volume.

It still cracks me up *wipes away tear*

7. One Bird, One Dog, One Zapper - Duck Hunt

I love seeing the transition from all the classic sprites to their current form. Plus, the dog shields his eyes from Naked Shulk.

6. Champion of the Ring - Little Mac

I really like that they went with this comic like art style for the reveal, I feel it adds a lot to the reveal besides the one mechanic that everyone hates Little Mac users for.

5. Looks like we don't have a choice - Shulk

BACK SLASH! I'm really feelin' it! Also, Naked Shulk.

4. By Book, By Blade, and Crest of Flame - Lucina and Robin

Another one I like for art style. Its really just a good trailer.

3. The Future King - Bowser Jr and Koopalings

As the last in the reveal trailers (unless there's a Mewtwo trailer *crosses fingers*) I like that it features some of the previous revealed characters, Mega Man and Rosalina specifically. And if you didn't notice, not only does Bowser Jr. kinda own all of them, but he freaking runs Mario over. Just saying.

2. Mii Fighter

I don't know about you guys, but seeing this fight just cracked me up. Its so overly ridiculous, I love it. Sorry Reggie, but Iwata always wins.

1. Goddess of Light - Palutena (and Dark Pit, kinda)

What can I say? I'm an anime fan and this just made me want a Smash one. I love seeing the talkative Pit up against silent hero Link. And you know - "Black Hole! Mega Laser!" Saying your attacks out loud make them at least ten times more effective.

So what was your favorite reveal trailer? And who do you main in Smash?

~ Zephyr ♥

I personally main Pit/Dark Pit. Pit was who I mained in Brawl, but I like him more in this one. Regardless, I'm a pretty suck Smash player. I was playing with Dae and one of our friends and the only time I won was when I was playing Peach on a random select. I guess I should start learning her.

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