Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Top Ten - Games I'm Looking Forward To In 2015

I know I was kinda in the middle of a Final Fantasy Song Series, but since it is the beginning of a new year I thought I'd share with you guys the games that I am most looking forward to this year - either actually coming out or just getting some more info about them. The song series will continue next week ^_^

10. Dead or Alive 5 Last Round

I have to admit, I love fighting games and Dead or Alive is one of my favorites. I already have Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate for PS3, but I'm all for a next gen update of the game. It includes DLC and two new characters too!

9. Life is Strange

I actually just found out about this one a few days ago. In this five part episodic story, a girl realizes she has the power to rewind time after witnessing an old friend die. And you know, like story and stuff. Yeah. Totally not a rip on Telltale games.... Not at all...

8. Xenoblade Chronicles/Xenoblade Chronicles X

I never got the chance to actually play Xenoblade when it was out for Wii so now that Nintendo is willingly (hopefully) giving us the chance to play it again I'll take it. And the sequel looks pretty rad as well.

7. The Flame in the Flood

I'm kinda more excited for this because I know that I helped make this happen (kickstarter woo!) because this game just looks pretty cool.

6. Moon Hunters

Another game that I kickstarted! I'm actually pretty pumped for this one, a retro looking game where you die over and over and your legacy becomes part of your game's lore. I'm planning on playing the single player Vita version as a Songweaver :D

5. Final Fantasy XV

I'm a huge huge huge Final Fantasy lover and I've been waiting for this since it was announced as XIII Versus like a million years ago.

4. Final Fantasy Type-0

Another Final Fantasy title I've been waiting for! I was super bummed when Type-0 didn't come over to NA and I really thought it never would. But it is! In March! Super excited for it.

3. No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky is a weird one for me. I don't know why, but for as much I want to adventure irl I just don't really care for open world games. I think it has mostly to due with my desire to stick to storylines and finish games quickly before I rage quit, so the fact that I am so into this game is really strange. I mean its freaking huge! And I honestly can't wait.

2. Persona 5

If you are an RPG fan and have never played a Persona game then really you should just stop what you're doing and go play one like right now. If you have played a Persona game, then you already know why it's on this list.

1. Kingdom Hearts III

No matter how hard I try I cannot have this not be number one. Kingdom Hearts is pretty much my favorite series ever and though I would be super sad if this did end up being the last entry in the series, I'm really just so pumped to play another KH game that it doesn't even matter.

What games are you guys looking forward to this year? Let me know below!

~ Zephyr ♥

Seriously, though, like two Final Fantasy titles and a Kingdom Hearts game? If this really happens I think this will be the best year in gaming for me ever.

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