Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Top Ten - Songs from Final Fantasy XI - XIV

Originally this was going to include XV in the rankings, but since I don't actually know any of the music from it I decided not to include. Maybe I'll do a XV track exclusive TT when the game comes out, but for now I thought it would be unfair to include it when it wasn't represented.

10. Flash of Steel from Final Fantasy XII

I just love how epic this song sounds and it has such a great opening too.

9. Sarutabaruta from Final Fantasy XI

I never played FF XI, but these are the kind of songs that make me want to. Its so simple, but I want to listen to it for hours.

8. Dust to Dust from Final Fantasy XIII

I absolutely adore FF XIII and its soundtrack is one of the reasons why. This song is perfect for this game. The music is so sorrowful. The female vocals are beautiful; the way they are layered make it hard to discern the words and its reminiscent of trying to recall a voice from long forgotten memories. But I love the lyrics too!
Nothing to fear, l'Cie/Cradled in eternity/Shore of sand, your fate awaits/Oh, surrender in the light

7. Ronfaure from Final Fantasy XI

Another amazing XI song. I like this one for the same reasons as the first. It also kinda reminds me of a Renaissance Festival.

6. The Vestige from Final Fantasy XIII

Songs like this are the reason I am completely enamored with XIII's soundtrack. Ambient tracks, organic vocals, distant worlds.

5. Sulyya Springs from Final Fantasy XIII

I love this track for the same reasons as the last one. This one is a bit more peaceful and I wish it played in more areas than the small one it does.

4. Selbina from Final Fantasy XI

I have this weird dream of owning an awesome cafe that looks like The Quicksand, the tavern in Ul'dah from FF XIV, and it will be super rad and geeky and stuff. This is the song that will play when we open every morning. Speaking of Ul'dah, though...

3. To The Sun from Final Fantasy XIV 

Much like in this random video, I was mining when I first heard this song. I actually stopped what I was doing, dropped my controller, and sat there for about fifteen minutes absolutely enthralled. Because that's what a good song should do.

2. Hope's Theme from Final Fantasy XIII

Look, I know that just about everyone that played XIII hates Hope. I do too, for the first half of the game at least. But this song... I actually contemplated having this as number one or having no second place and just having a first tie. I'm still wondering if it should trade places. While I would hope (no pun intended, though I did just laugh as I noticed it) that I would have some super metal badass theme, mine would prolly turn out like this. A single instrument, echoing through an empty room, continuing to play despite how it wants to stop, despite how things are happening around it, but it continues to play. It is literally a theme of hope, to me at least. This is the song I listen to when I need to sit in the shower and cry because there's too much shit going on. And when I'm done, I feel better, I have hope.

1. The Gapra Whitewood from Final Fantasy XIII

After everything I wrote in the last song, you may be wondering if I have this awesome reason why this is number one. Not really. Like I said this and Hope's Theme are practically interchangeable as far as places go. The reason this is here is for much of the reasons I listed for others. Ambient music, organic vocals. I put down my controller when I heard it and was transported to another world. And sometimes, that's enough,

~ Zephyr ♥

Thought you guys might be interested in the piano version of The Gapra Whitewood. I love when Square makes these piano collections. The two Kingdom Hearts piano albums they have are some of my favorite albums period.

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