Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Review - Mario Kart 8

Released - 5|30|14

Platform - Wii U

If you didn't lose all your friends after that weekend you spent playing Monopoly, Mario Party, and Smash than get ready to rid yourself of those stragglers!

I'm not really a fan of racing games, but I'm sure most people would agree that Mario Kart is an exception. And there's a reason why. This game is good.

This is probably my favorite entry in the series thus far. It is absolutely gorgeous, has a great soundtrack, and is just really fun! The big gimmick of this installment are the anti-gravity portions of the track and I really like this as an addition. By utilizing the anti-gravity, you can sometimes take varying paths on a course or bounce off of the other competitors to gain a speed boost.

Final Thoughts
I mean look, there really isn't much you can say about a Mario Kart game. It's a good time. The online is much better than the previous game on the Wii, but its just as fun to fun split screen with some friends on the couch. If you're new to the series or just haven't been around for a while, this is a great installment to get started with.

Score - 8/10 (get it? cause it's the eighth one!) 9/10

~ Zephyr ♥

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