Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Top Ten - Final Fantasy Characters

Guys, I know! We went a whole week without Final Fantasy and now you need your fix! Yeah, I'm sorry, I promise we'll move away from FF for while after this! But before, here are my top ten favorite FF characters.

10. Cid Highwind from Final Fantasy VII

Cid is a reoccurring character throughout FF games, generally being some kind of NPC. And though Cid Raines from XIII is totally gorgeous, Highwind's attitude really takes the top Cid place for me. He's a snarky hot headed chain smoker that had his dreams crushed, but doesn't turn into cold hearted asshole because of it. I find him to probably be the most relatable character in the game.

9. Vincent Valentine from Final Fantasy VII

Yes, I have a thing for the dark, brooding, mysterious guy. But not Cloud, only Vincent. I don't know why really. I mean, his game was terrible and his backstory, though filled with tragedy, isn't that great either. Hmmm....I think this explains a lot about my Sonic list..........

8. Rikku from Final Fantasy X

Rikku is carefree, reckless, and just a generally upbeat person. She always tries not to let things get her, but underneath she's really just full of insecurities like the rest of us. She's really relatable and honestly the kind of person I would want to be friends with.

7. Tidus from Final Fantasy X

Tidus is lot like Rikku, personality wise. I love Final Fantasy X as much as I do because of him and if he wasn't the MC I don't think I would have enjoyed it as much. Let's just disregard that horrible laughing scene, the audio drama, and that god awful book that ruined everything :)

6. Terra Branford from Final Fantasy VI

I love Terra. I just do. I love seeing her going from a scared and confused girl to a courageous and determined young woman. I love seeing her question her own humanity and come to terms with what she is. Final Fantasy VI was the first game I played that had characters with serious character development and Terra has always stuck with me in that regard.

5. Locke Cole from Final Fantasy VI
FFTS Locke

Much like how Terra was the first character that ever showed me growth, Locke was the first character to absolutely break my heart. In his backstory, he wants to prove himself to the father of the girl he loves. Instead, an accident causes the girl to get amnesia. After an Imperial attack, the girl is killed, but not before regaining her memories and declaring her love for Locke. He lives with this guilt and tries to redeem himself by protecting every women he meets. He later tries to revive her by using the Phoenix esper. It works, but she tells him to stop feeling so guilty before dying again. Through this he finds redemption and then I can finally ship him with Celes :3 I mean come on, its practically canon.

4. Yuna from Final Fantasy X

Yuna is a character I, again, love because of the way we get to see her character change and grow. She's kind and loyal, but also very naive and willing to sacrifice herself just because she thinks it will help others. You see her begin to question everything she knows and start to give herself and her desires more value. Even in X-2, you see how she has become more like Tidus and Rikku and how they have rubbed off on her. And while I love the development of characters like Terra and Locke, Yuna's seems much more natural and similar to how a lot of us act after being with friends and such.

3. Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core

You can tell I love heart break, right? Well, I don't! Crisis Core is like the worst kind of game. You come in knowing that Zack is gonna die. All of Cloud's character in VII revolves around Zack's death. But even in the end, when you're fighting through his final battle you're still like "maybe I can make it!" No, no you f**king can't. And it hurts so damn bad. Zack is a better character in general than most of the ones in the entire FF franchise. And he dies saving that butt from VII. It makes me so angry! But mostly it just makes me cry. Every. Time.

2. Balthier (Ffamran mied Bunansa) from Final Fantasy XII

Balthier is very much the "charming thief with a heart of gold." And I adore him for it. He's cocky, he's cynical, and he very much thinks that the game is his story. He's just....he's amazing. And I love him. That's all there is to it.

1. Lightning (Claire Farron) from Final Fantasy XIII

This really isn't much of a shock, is it? Final Fantasy XIII is one of my favorite games, so it kinda makes since that she would be my favorite, right? I know a lot of people don't like. Maybe I just get her character because I have a younger sister, too. She does what she thinks is right, what she thinks she needs to do, to save her sister and doesn't let anyone or anything stop her. Not even fate.

So those are my favorite Final Fantasy characters. Some may have surprised you, but I'm sure a lot of them didn't. So let me know, what are your favorite Final Fantasy characters?

~ Zephyr ♥

I like Terra with green hair. So adorable :3 Who ever did this fan art, I love you.

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