Sunday, February 1, 2015

Week In Review 1/25 - 1/31

GUYS GUYS GUYS! There are two Friday the 13th's in a row! Like, what!? I love Friday the 13th because one - 13 is my favorite number, and two - I was born on Friday the 13th! It's like I'm such bad luck that I'm good luck. But really I think I used up a lifetime of bad luck in ninth grade so I should be getting some good luck any day now! Any day now.........

Anyways, I don't really think I did much this week. I know I was getting green over all the people that weren't me because they weren't stuck at home and were instead having fun at Pax South and MagFest and I just really want to go to a con or something. *sigh* Life sucks when you don't have friends, money, or a driver's license.

Anyways, game wise...I don't really remember what I played. I know I started playing Shattered Crystal, but I didn't get that far.

I don't know, things have just been kinda hectic around here. I don't remember if I mentioned this before but the main water pipe in the kitchen has been leaking for a while causing a horrible mosquito problem in the house. We didn't know about the leak until it started to come out from under the dishwasher and now our kitchen is half ripped up and we have to rip out all the cabinets. You would think not having access to a dishwasher and stove wouldn't be so bad, but it is. I mean the dishwasher doesn't really matter, just a mix of hand washing and paper/plastic for other stuff. But the stove... I didn't realize it, but literally everything uses the stove. It sucks because we can't fit enough frozen stuff in the freezer and eating out almost every night gets pricey. I don't know, it's all very stressful to be honest so I haven't really been able to focus on anything.

I had an 1/8 life crisis over a jelly fluffernutter yesterday.

But yeah, I got all my late posts done and get all of Feb planned out so its good to go!

I hope y'all had a good week ^_^

~ Zephyr ♥

OH! One thing I forgot! So I spent a lot of time reading webcomics on Tapastic the past two weeks and I wanted to share two in particular with you guys. The first is one I binged in about 11 hours called The Pirate Balthasar that has action, romance, and just a really good story. It updates daily and you can read it here. The other one is a beautiful wordless series for us gamers called My 8 Bit Story about a girl who travels through old Game Boy games and you can 'read' that here.

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