Sunday, February 22, 2015

Week In Review 2/15 - 2/21

The actual demo of my kitchen started a couple days ago so not only is the mess of everything driving me crazy and stressing me out, but we also have to go out for just about every meal because the only thing plugged in is the fridge. My family has something against me eating leftovers for breakfast, I guess. The kitchen will still take another week or two to complete, though, with the cabinets getting installed this coming week and then the counters whenever they come.

Eating out so much for the past month has left me feeling really sluggish and fatigued, too. I'm already thinking up some new recipes to make once the kitchen is complete. I need that home cooked food, man. My's crying...

I started reading a new manga called Wild Life that's pretty good and I also downloaded the new 3DS Pokemon game Pokemon Shuffle - a microtransaction match 3 game - but I'm having fun with it.

Oh! I finally made it to a live show of Hyrule Academy, the SuperMCGamer hosted LoZ lore radio show over at Radio Hyrule. I was kinda nervous at first, to be honest, because while a lot of people contribute theories and such during the show I can't really do that since I don't know as much about it. But, one of the few things I did say actually got read on the show and was right! I know its really lame to be excited over something like that, but I really love it!

Ah, I'm so lame haha.

~ Zephyr ♥

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