Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Review - Pokemon Shuffle

Released - 2|18|15

Platform - 3DS

Sure, Nintendo wasn't really for making mobile. But hey, that won't stop them for making a freemium match three on the 3DS!

Look, I know how people feel about freemium games, the love-hate relationship that seems to follow all mobile games in fact. And to be honest, these match three games are all kinda the same - fun for while, frustrating when you lose, and shake those without patience down for money. And I'm not saying this is different. But I kinda like this game. Saying that, I only play about once a week, but still I find it to be an enjoyable experience. And the gameplay differs slightly in that as long as you can make a match, you can move between pieces anywhere on the board, not just those side by side.

Final Thoughts
Its not anything special, but if you like these kinds of games or are just stuck in a waiting room, give this game a try.

Score - 5/10

~ Zephyr ♥

Its really hard to give games a score sometimes. You know like this isn't a crappy game, just simple and little unoriginal (okay, a lot), but it's still fun. It's not broken or anything. *sigh* Scoring systems can be a bit convoluted and counter-intuitive at times.

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