Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Top Ten - Kingdom Hearts Songs

Kingdom Hearts is one of my favorite series of all time. I absolutely adore these games and the music in them just make it an infinite amount better. So how could I not share my top ten KH songs with you? You know how much I love sharing music by now, don't you?

10. Sora

This song just screams character theme, even if you don't know the game. It perfectly matches Sora's upbeat can-do attitude and is such a good fit that its ridiculous.

9. Roxas

Roxas' theme is such a beautifully lonely counterpart to Sora's theme. It really speaks for the character and his purpose in the game, making it one of my favorite character themes period.

8. Reviving Hollow Bastion

Hollow Bastion is one of my favorite worlds to visit because of this song. Its the kind of song that just really gets me immersed in the game for some reason.

7. A Very Small Wish

Now I'll be honest and admit that the piano version of this is one of the reasons I love this song. But I became so attached to the piano version that when I played again and heard this song it carried the same kind of 'nostalgia' feeling as when I hear the piano version.

6. Lazy Afternoons/Sinister Sundown

I'm sorry, but I couldn't decide between the two! So take them both! Lazy Afternoons, the theme for Twilight Town, has more personal place on this list because it always makes me think of growing up and where I live. Just feeling the heat from the setting sun on a summer evening, sitting outside watching the dogs play - this very much feels like a 'me' theme. Sinister Sundown, however, is the opposite. The battle theme in Twilight Town brings about that more rushed or urged feeling, like I need to get something done now. It's also one of my favorite battle themes in the series.

5. Sanctuary 

I love the main themes for these stupid games and if the version of Simple and Clean that they use in the games wasn't so fast and catchy, I would probably prefer this one. But oh well. They are both absolutely fantastic.

4. Simple and Clean -PlanitB Remix-

I pretty much explained it above.

3. Organization XIII

If you read what I said about Roxas' theme and you know how much I love these melancholy sounding songs, then you really shouldn't be even remotely surprised that this is on the list.

2. Missing You

A sad theme that breaks your heart and is a piano theme too? Count me in.

1. Dearly Beloved

To be honest, I tried to not make this number one. I tried to not even put it on the list. And it seems crazy, but I just kept thinking "its too simple, its the series theme, there are so many good songs in this series, why is this little song the best one?" And I can't really give you an answer. It just is. But isn't that what a series theme is supposed to be, the best? This little song, that changes so much while staying the same, is absolutely perfect. Really, it is. To me, it is. This song has gotten me through a lot. Not just sad stuff, but its followed me through hurt, sickness, happiness, suffering, and even love. It has become a song that makes me think of my 'dearly beloved' for as cheesy as that seems. But I'm okay with that. I'm okay with that.

~ Zephyr ♥

Here's the piano theme I was talking about. If you like it you should listen to the piano albums (there's two.)

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