Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Update/ Remodeling, Travel, And Hard Drive Explosions

Hey, guys. Wow, I really am the worst, huh? Welp, I guess I'll start laying the excuses on ya.

I've said before, but I'll say it again - there's been remodeling going on in my house since the beginning of February and they are only just now wrapping up. Its been loud, filthy, and stressful. I haven't been able to eat home made food in a month and eating out a lot makes you feel sluggish. Plus, your feet are always covered with plaster dust. I finally got to clean, mop, and unpack everything last week, but there's a bit more drywall that needs to go up. Its also very hard to work when anywhere you can work has been taken over and covered in dishes and dust. Honestly, I've mostly been sitting in the garage with the dogs where I binge watched all of Steven Universe (watch it and Gravity Falls now) and playing Hyrule Warriors and Wind Waker HD on the Wii U.

Travel wise, well I'm up visiting Dae for the week so this is the first I've really been able to sit at my computer and this is only because I got ditched at the library, haha... I had to come up the week after Dae's spring break so my sister could stay home with the pups (she's on her break now). It's really weird being on a campus after ten months off one and going to class after four months of being out (I finished my AA in October). But yeah, after going to a physics class where I understood nothing, even though I'm pretty sure its all stuff I aced in Astronomy a year and half ago (who knew?), and eating lunch I got ditched so Dae could go to the Rec Room because they wouldn't let me in because I'm not a student here, even though they let other non students in. Can you tell I'm a little salty?

Anyways, the biggest problem is the most recent one. I went to use my computer on Thursday and it wasn't working right (taking ten minutes to do anything, literally), so I thought I had a virus or something. NOPE. My freaking hard drive died (RIP in peps) and they didn't have any in stock so I got lucky enough to have my mom get one the next day and a really awesome dude to fix it. He tried to clone it, but it was being a derg and not having it so he tried to move stuff over. Luckily, all my music went over. Unfortunately, I lost over 200+ gigs of crap. SIGHHHHHHH. So annoying!

But I did get all my crap re-planned out to the end of May (cause that always works, right?) and I'm already starting work so yeah! Making it work! Have to finagle with Vladimir (my laptop) so much now! YIP FREAKING SKIP! :D

I love you. Bye.

~ Zephyr ♥

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